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I am glad you are reading this! I would like you to get to know a company that takes everything with a pinch of salt. A company, in which we approach ourselves as well as what we do in a friendly manner. And we're probably doing something "right", since the company has been operating since 2008 and is still running successfully today.
That’s a plus, isn’t it? We are not a corporation. We have no rigid rules of how we play. Our greatest asset is our people, with only clients, money, pressure, and ASAPs being more important than them. Ha! Did you expect a story here about how employees come first? Instead of writing about it, we prefer to answer your questions and give you a chance to find out. I think that is clear. We are very close to being a completely teal organization, but we don’t want to pigeonhole ourselves. We have a number of practices in place to ensure that every employee feels and is important. We avoid the notion of ‘boss’ – we empower you to take responsibility for every decision you make, whatever it may be. We have created this page and the information below especially for you. So that you can get to know us better, get a feel of what the atmosphere here is and answer a very important question, namely – should I click on that green “Apply” button?  Yes, we’ll probably shower you with various questions and tasks, but we want to make sure you fit in and stay with us for the long term.
Jacek Wyderka CEO GOGOmedia
Jacek Wyderka Managing Director

The brands The brands in our Hello World group!

Logo GOGOmedia Software House is a company executing web projects from start to finish. Its services include UX/UI, Web Development, and Hosting. We have implemented projects with budgets > PLN 50k. First completed project in 2008. This is where we do big things.
  • UX / UI
  • PHP / Symfony
  • Angular / React
  • Hosting
Logo ui2web Originally known as psd2css, the service changed to in 2021. It provides only front-end development services. It also carries out smaller projects for media houses. This is where we do small and medium things.
  • Angular
  • React
  • Wordpress
  • Woocommerce

INTERESTED? Popular questions in recruitment

  • How many people do you employ?

    We have more than 50 people on board. We are growing and keen to expand the team.
  • Do I have an influence on the project?

    Always! Your opinion is paramount and will always be taken into account. We give you feedback and expect it from you.
  • Where is your office located?

    Our office is located in Warsaw at Niepodległości 18. We are close to the Wilanowska Metro station, which makes getting to us much easier.
  • Is it possible to work remotely?

    Sure! 80% of the people in the company work this way.
  • What if the project does not suit me?

    We don’t force anyone to work, and we focus on communication. If the project does not suit you, we will change the project.
  • Do you provide hardware and licenses?

    Yes, as long as you request it.
  • Do you provide multisport cards and medical care?

    You decide. If you need a benefit, it can be arranged.
  • And finally... are there integration parties and events?

    Since it’s a challenging job, there must be time to chill out too. We organize events with a bang because we have a good team.
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WORKING ENVIRONMENT Will you find your place in it?

We are far from working in corpo-style. All in all, we have nothing to do with a corporation, and we shun replicating the corporate rat race in our company. We provide peace of mind from any trauma experienced by people coming to us from large organizations.

  • Ikona człowiek

    You are not a puzzle piece.

    For us, you are not a jigsaw puzzle piece but a partner, an important member of the team. And since you are important, we want you to feel comfortable with us. You work when you are well-rested. You do what makes you happy, and you have every right to refuse tasks that are not suited for you. You work in a team where you can count on the support of others.
  • Ikona żarówka

    Your own rhythm

    We want you to work with us in accordance with your own life rhythm. If, for example, you need to get away from work during the day and go for a walk because it gives you energy – we don’t question but support that need!
    • #NO_BOSS
  • Ikona laptop

    No stress or pressure

    We build a working environment free of stress or pressure. ASAPs are resolved at the management level, not by staying up all night and through the weekends. Challenges are defined by you and your ambitions, not imposed by anyone on the team as a result of project problems.
  • Ikona rozwój


    Your development is also the development of our entire team. Open your mind and tell us how you want to grow – we will try to pave the way for you by providing the necessary tools and knowledge.

STATISTICS Our company in numbers

  • Who do we work for?

    Ikona wykresy
    • 80% Poland
    • 15% Western Europe
    • 5% The Rest
  • The size of our teams

    Ikona zespoł
    • 65% 3-6 persons
    • 25% 6-12 persons
    • 10% 1-2 persons
  • Type of services provided

    Ikona statystyki
    • 40% Implementation of in-house projects
    • 30% Body leasing
    • 20% UX/UI design services
    • 10% Ongoing operation and maintenance of projects
  • Standard working day

    Ikona kółka
    • 70% Development, growth
    • 15% Maintenance, support
    • 10% Analysis, support of other team members
    • 5% Calls, communication

WORKING TOOLS Relax, e-mail + Excel are not the basis of the company's organization

Do you know any cooler tools? That's great because we are open to change. Apply and join our team, show us new solutions.

  • Logo bitbucket


  • Logo bamboo


  • Logo confluence


  • Logo tempo


  • Logo JIRA


  • Logo Slack


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