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Working standards Success is not only about knowledge.
Discipline. Commitment. Quality.

For years we have been successfully merging the business language with the technological one, making communicating with our specialists clear and effective. We work transparently and follow the rules of fair play. Our clients become our partners and a part of our team. We are constantly improving our service standards.

How we work with clients

We provide express and structured communication. We place great emphasis on transparency and flexibility in our operations. Any changes to the project? Changes to the timetable? We are able to adapt and adjust quickly.

What is key in our approach:


Do you value short response times to your needs? Great, you can be sure to receive an email response from us within a few hours 7 days a week 365 days a year! We resolve incoming requests quickly and guarantee technical support in as little as one hour of response time to our clients! (we offer 24/7 SLA)


When executing each project, we dedicate a team to it, who devote all their time to this particular project only. They think about it, live and breathe it and do everything to create the most useful and functional tool possible. We support you with our ideas and suggestions and look at each task not only from the technological but also from the business point of view.

Always looking
two steps ahead

When working on every single thing, even the tiniest one, we always look many steps ahead, thus protecting customers from making mistakes that are not immediately visible. We have many years of experience and can identify and eliminate potential problems at a very early stage, thus saving you time and money.

GOGOmedia Support Platform

We provide you with access to a dedicated platform to communicate with our team, keeping all your requests in order. In a simple and clear form, you have a constant overview of the progress of the works, the status of your requests, as well as project documents. The GOGOmedia Support Platform is our own overlay on the JIRA Cloud ticketing system with simplified functionalities. When you need advanced insight into a project – you get access to the project in JIRA.

How we work internally

We have unique and specialised knowledge and use only proven risk management and development methods. We have developed and proven service provision processes. We provide you with peace of mind and timely completion of each project.

Atlassian Software

We use some of the most popular and advanced tools supporting software development processes provided by the American company Atlassian. The same tools are used by brands such as Facebook, eBay, Twitter, Linkedin and Adobe. Thanks to this, no line of code coming from our programmers goes unnoticed.

Project Portfolio Management

If you prefer a traditional approach to project portfolio management, we offer an implementation based on Project Portfolio Management. This ensures that the budget is kept within bounds and that expenditure is fully controlled during the various stages of the project.

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